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Get Up to 24 Appointments a Month with Your Preferred Clients Using LinkedIn

Are you tired of being ignored by your ideal clients after sending them a connection request on LinkedIn?

If you’re stuck overthinking what to say next after sending them a thank you message, this course is for you.


This is for you


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After Taking This Course

You'll learn how to

Conquer your fear of reaching out to your ideal clients on LinkedIn...

The fear of being rejected stops most people from maximizing their connections and moving the conversation to the next level.

However you don’t need to overthink what to say next.

A single message can turn your target prospect into a paying client.

Let this course show you how to…

Crush the belief that an effective lead generation strategy should be complicated.

Searching for and reaching out to your ideal clients will no longer be an overwhelming task if you’re using a PROVEN and EFFECTIVE STRATEGY.

If Jaime who’s undergoing dialysis twice a week makes it possible to book up to 24 appointments a month, that’s 5 to 6 appointments a week…

You can, too.

Imagine booking the same number of appointments with your ideal clients weekly.

Which is why…


Your study journey

Lesson 1.1 Unleashing the Potential of LinkedIn

Lesson 1.2 A Firm Foundation

Lesson 2.1 Targeting Prospects

Lesson 2.2 Searching Like A Pro

Lesson 3.1 Fostering Relationships

Lesson 3.2 First Impressions Last

Lesson 3.3 Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Lesson 3.4 Continue Cultivating Relationships

Lesson 3.5 Take The Conversation To The Next Level

Lesson 4.1 Focus, Covert, Engage (Part 1)

Lesson 4.2 Focus, Covert, Engage (Part 2)

Lesson 5.1 Searching For The Prospect, Sending The Connection Request, and Updating The Tracker

Lesson 5.2 Sending The Thank You Message and Updating the Tracker

Lesson 5.3 Sending The Follow Up Messages, Booking The Calls, and Updating the Tracker

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