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The 4D System for Creating and Launching an Online Course that Sells

Map out and implement key strategies that turn your expertise into a profitable online course


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Stuck in the course creation limbo?

Whether you’ve already created a course or you’re just planning to start creating one, setting yourself up for success can seem daunting.

The work just never seems to end, and there’s just too many decision points to make.

Not to mention…

Ideas are actually overflowing in your head, and organizing them into a course just seems to be as impossible as finding a needle in a haystack.

It doesn’t help that you’re not even sure if any of your ideas can attract the students you’d like to teach, or if people would actually be interested to pay you money for the ideas you have in your head.

You look back and check the previous online courses you’ve been to, and try your best to model what they do.

You invest in the things they have (like lead magnets, subscription to various tools)…

However, you just can’t find the “secret sauce” that makes their courses successful.

You wonder if you could ever create a course that could actually bring you some cash.

Creating and launching a course that is actually profitable can also be your reality.

The one thing that separates successful course creators apart is the fact that most of them have been employing a system that makes everything look easy for them.

And while it does take some work, having a PROVEN framework can make things smoother for you as well.

The good news?

You don’t need to look far.

(You won’t even need to pay as much as most other course creators paid.)

The 4D System for Creating and Launching an Online Course that Sells is a proven framework that takes you by the hand as you navigate your way through the whole process.

It has been tested multiple times for different clients, and inside the course, you can even get a preview of how the framework was used to make actual courses that got sales.


Your study journey

Lesson 1 Welcome

Lesson 2: Case Study Walkthrough

Lesson 2.1 Your Course Idea

Lesson 2.2 Course Validation

Lesson 2.3 Offer Clarity 

Lesson 2.4 Case Study Walkthrough

Lesson 3.1 The Course Roadmap

Lesson 3.2 Leverage Your Assets

Lesson 3.3 The Methodology

Lesson 4.1 Content Dumping and Sorting

Lesson 4.2 Content Creation

Lesson 4.3 Building It Out

Lesson 4.4 Case Study Walkthrough

Lesson 5.1 Delivery Method

Lesson 5.2 Setting Your Students Up For Success

Lesson 5.3 Wrap Up

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Frequently asked questions

Inside this course you’ll discover how you can create a profitable course from scratch, despite being a total beginner. Walkthroughs and downloadable modules are also included in this course.

This course is designed for both the aspiring and experienced course creators in mind, so there are no prerequisites. The modules will take you by the hand as you learn and implement the activities that help you create and launch courses that sell.

Yes. A certificate will be sent directly to your email once you complete the course.