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BUILDING SKILZ TO BYOB: Confidently Design, Build, and Launch a 7-figure Brand in 20 Days or Less

Stand out by designing and building a brand that leaves a mark in your market’s mind.


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Make it easier for your target market to recognize and remember you using the EXACT same strategies used to build Skilz

Many people think of a logo as a brand.

While logos are important, there’s more to branding than that.

In fact, designing and building a solid brand that sticks to your market’s mind involves many elements.

And when done right, you only have to do it once.

Inside this course, you’ll get the exact same strategies that were used to build Skilz from the ground up into a 7-figure brand.


Your study journey

Lesson 1.1 Introduction and Course Overview

Lesson 1.2 Branding vs Brand Identity vs Brand Logo

Lesson 1.3 Brand Touch Points

Lesson 1.4 Brand Ecosystems

Lesson 2.1 Brand Discovery

Lesson 2.2 Competitive Audit

Lesson 2.3 Mind Mapping

Lesson 2.4 Mood Boards

Lesson 3.1 Types of Logos

Lesson 3.2 Logo Inspirations

Lesson 3.3 Brand Logo

Lesson 3.4 Logo Responsiveness

Lesson 4.1 What are Brand Design Elements?

Lesson 4.2 Colors

Lesson 4.3 Typography

Lesson 4.4 Patterns and Textures

Lesson 4.5 Illustration Style and Iconography

Lesson 4.6 Photography Aesthetics

Lesson 5.1 Brand Logo Presentation

Lesson 5.2 Creative Marketing Asset and Launch

Lesson 5.3 Culmination and Roll Out

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