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Coffee Break Trading: How to Profitably Invest in Stocks in Just 15 Mins a Day

Discover how to be profitable in stocks by managing it for only 15 minutes a day Learn proven methods, tools, and strategies to make money in stock trading


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Thinking of putting your money in a stock because it’s “on sale”?

Most people think that to grow their money in the stock market, they should buy stocks that are “on sale”.

And by that, this means stocks that are decreasing in price or stocks that are perceived as “cheap” relative to their popularity or business standing.

And while it may seem like these stocks offer the highest reward or gains to investors and traders because of the upside, the truth is these stocks can decrease in price even further, causing investors and traders higher losses and opportunity costs for their hard-earned capital.

This is why if you’re thinking of putting your money in the stock market so it’ll grow, you can use the 3 strategies in this course to get your first 10% gain in the stock market for only 15 minutes a day.


Your study journey

Lesson 1: Disciplines of earning in Stocks (Why)

Lesson 2: Stages of Price Trends (What)

Lesson 3: SSWE Method (How)

Lesson 1: Trade Set-up Development (How)

Lesson 2: The Business Mindset in Investing (Why)

Lesson 3: 3 Tools of my 3 Set-ups (What)

Lesson 4: Moving Average 100 Set-ups to Capture Stage 2 (What)

Lesson 5: Strategy 1: ATH Breakout Strategy

Lesson 6: Strategy 2: MA 100 Trend Following

Lesson 7: Strategy 3: MA 100 Trend Reversal

Lesson 8: Set-up Timeframes and Goals (How)

Lesson 1: Scanning Top Lists (How)

Lesson 2: Scanning by Automation (Finding Stocks on a Per Strategy Basis)

Lesson 1: Listing the Scanned Stocks (How)

Lesson 1: 2 Ways to Execute The Strategies (How)

Lesson 2: Method 1: Forward Testing (How)

Lesson 3: Method 2: Virtual Trading (How)

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Frequently asked questions

There are always risks to investing and trading your money in the stock market. Before you dive in, assess your risk appetite and evaluate whether this is money you can afford to set aside or lose.

This course is designed for both the aspiring and experienced traders and investors. The modules will take you by the hand to show you how you can use technical analysis to guide your trading and investment decisions.

Yes. A certificate will be sent directly to your email once you complete the course.