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Fastrack Your Workflows: Meet Business Deadlines and Goals Without Stress

Discover how to build up your workflows for efficiency and productivity.

Complete tasks without compromising on the quality of your work by extending your work hours.


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Do you find yourself struggling to finish work on time because you extend and extend the deadline?

Most people believe they struggle with deadlines because they handle multiple projects or they’re overwhelmed with the work.

And while these things can cause delays, the real reason for missing a deadline is lack of planning and having a deadline strategy.

If you want to get out of that vicious cycle of extending deadlines and feeling overwhelmed with the things you have to do…

And if you want to confidently plan goals for yourself or your team, this course will change the way you think about and work with deadlines — because your ability to meet deadlines will help you grow in whatever life you choose.


Your study journey

Lesson 1: What’s in it for you?

Lesson 2: Is this for you?
Lesson 3: Will you Reinvent the wheel?/Is this something new?

Lesson 4: Is it not meant for Productive Leaders?

Lesson 5: How will you really make it happen?

Lesson 1: Embracing Cluttered Head

Lesson 2: Let your Brain Do the Thinking

Lesson 3: Uncovering Your Equation with Time
Lesson 4: Are you a 100 mtrs or a 400 mtrs sprinter?

Lesson 5: “No” is also an Answer.
Lesson 6: Understanding Team Dependencies and Planning

Lesson 7: Eat That Frog (By Brian Tracy Still Holds True irrespective of the sprint mechanism)

Lesson 1: Breakdown Projects & Save Team’s Time

Lesson 2: Tools – Asana, Scrum & Sprints

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Frequently asked questions

This course is designed for overwhelmed freelancers or anyone who struggles to meet deadlines. There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

This course will show you how to set deadlines properly, both for yourself and your team, so you can meet expectations and make your clients happy.

Yes. A certificate will be sent directly to your email once you complete the course.