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Launch and Grow Your Podcast From 0 to 1k Downloads in 90 Days or Less

Discover the step by step process to podcast success Implement key strategies that help you reach more of your target audience


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Always wanted to start a podcast but not sure how you can start or set it up for success?

Whether you’ve already launched a podcast or you’re just planning to start creating one, setting yourself up for success can seem intimidating.

It can get confusing which equipment to invest in – from microphones, mixers, and software that podcasters use.

In addition, working with audio files doesn’t really “sound” like an easy task to do.
While you love speaking, you soon wonder if it will be enough to keep your podcast alive.

You wonder how successful podcasters made it, and are still rocking it to this day. They never seem to run out of episodes, and their podcasts seemingly have a life of its own.

And while only a handful of people have had success with their podcast…

The strategy to make it so can be done by anyone.

Launching and growing your podcast to reach more of your target listeners could also be your reality.

The journey to a successful podcast doesn’t end when an episode is published.

Marketing your podcast and making sure your episodes are worth looking forward to is easier when you know the strategies that work

Inside the course, you’ll not only discover the tools that make your podcast sound great…

You’ll also discover what you need to leverage so you can expand the number of listeners you have.


Your study journey

Lesson 1 Introduction and Course Overview

Lesson 2.1 Podcast Format and Flow

Lesson 2.2 Define Your Loyal target Listeners and Niche

Lesson 2.3 Define Your Notable Podcast Title

Lesson 2.4 Create Your Ear- Catching Intro and Outro

Lesson 2.5 Create a Stunning Podcast Artwork

Lesson 3.1 Your Tech Stack

Lesson 3.2 Produce a Quality Recording of Your Podcast Episode

Lesson 3.3 Edit your Podcast and Make it Sound Excellent

Lesson 3.4 Case Study: How the Create Your Destiny Podcast improved its audio quality from good to great

Lesson 4.1 The Power of Having Great Guests on Your Podcast

Lesson 4.2 Build Your Digital Presence

Lesson 4.3 Write Show Notes and Transcripts That Reach Your Target Audience

Lesson 4.4 Publish Your Podcast

Lesson 4.5 Embed Podcast On Your Website

Lesson 5.1 Become Visible On Social Media

Lesson 5.2 Increase Your Reach Through Your Personal Network, Guests, and other Podcasts

Lesson 5.3 Post-launch Promotional Strategies That Work

Lesson 5.4 Case Study: How the Nurses on Fire Podcast downloads grew by 42% within 2.5 months

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Frequently asked questions

Inside this course you’ll discover how you can start, launch, and grow a podcast from scratch, despite being a total beginner. Walkthroughs and downloadable modules are also included in this course.

This course is designed for both the aspiring and experienced podcasters in mind, so there are no prerequisites. The modules will take you by the hand as you learn and implement the activities that help you launch and grow your podcast.

Yes. This course can also be valuable to freelancers who are looking to serve those in the podcasting niche. The modules will make you understand what it takes to launch and grow a podcast, giving you ideas on how you can increase the value you provide to your clients.

Yes. A certificate will be sent directly to your email once you complete the course.