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7-Steps to 7-Figure Messenger Bot Marketing for Info Products

Discover what Messenger bots are and how you can produce millions of dollars worth of results with it


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Want to use Messenger bots to save more time and make more money?

When it comes to running a business, it’s no surprise that owners juggle what may seem like a million tasks.

And while spending money to hire help can solve the problem…

This isn’t a viable solution for everyone, especially small-business owners.

Enter Messenger bots.

Bots can automate repetitive tasks such as engaging your audience, automating your frequently-asked-questions, collecting customer information for your sales process, to name a few.

In this course, you’ll discover how to build a bot even if you’re a newbie and the Messenger bot strategies that have built USD 7-figure businesses in the digital product space.


Your study journey

Lesson 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Lesson 2: What Is A Messenger Bot And What Is Messenger Marketing?

Lesson 3: Who Is This For?

Lesson 4: Why Use Messenger Bots

Lesson 5: The Mindset You Need To Have

Lesson 1: Introduction of Chatbot Platform That We Will Use

Lesson 1.1: How To Connect Manychat To Your Page & Link It To Multiple Pages

Lesson 2: Dashboard – Where You Can See Your Chatbot Statistics In One Look

Lesson 2.2: Audience Tab – Where To Go To Understand Your Audience

Lesson 2.3: Growth Tools – What Tools You Can Use To Grow Your Audience

Lesson 2.4: Live Chat – Where You Can Your Human Support Can Talk To Your Subscribers

Lesson 2.5: Broadcasting – What You Can Use To Reconnect With Your Existing Leads

Lesson 2.6: Automations – The Key Things You Can Use To Build The Meat Of Your Bot

Lesson 2.7: One Tool To Effectively Build Your List

Lesson 2.8: Settings – Your Control System

Lesson 2.9: Buttons Vs Quick Replies – Which One Should You Use?

Lesson 2.10: Bot Fields Vs Custom Fields

Lesson 2.11: Messenger Policies – What You Need To Know For Your Bots Not To Be Banned

Lesson 2.12: Set Up The Page For Success

Lesson 2.13: Set Up Your Bot For Success

Lesson 1: Defining Your Chatbot’s Purpose: The Compass Of Your Chatbot Campaigns

Lesson 2: Identifying The Assets – The Goldmine Of Your Chatbot Campaigns

Lesson 3: Identifying The Sources of Traffic – The Lifeblood Of Your Bot

Lesson 4: Mapping Out Your Chatbot Blueprint

Lesson 5: Creating Your Chatbot Personality To Give It Life

Lesson 6: Building The Heart Of Your Chatbot

Lesson 7: Quick Tips On Testing, Launching, And Optimizing

Lesson 1: How To Strategically Collect Data And Store Them In Google Sheets

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Inside this course you’ll discover how to build your first bot. Walkthroughs and downloadable modules are also included in this course to help you get familiarized with the chatbot platform.
This course is best applied to businesses that are already making money and they want to make more, and are running ads or traffic to their digital information products.
Yes. A certificate will be sent directly to your email once you complete the course.