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YouTube A.I.M. Method: Get Up To 11x Returns With YouTube Ads

Turn your YouTube videos into sales

Run ads that grab attention and make profits without adept video or tech skills

Online Course
By: Michael Cariaga, YouTube Ads Strategist and Online Marketing Consultant & Dennis Abad, Filmmaker and Video Marketer

Course runtime: 2.41 hrs

Can’t figure out how YouTube Ads work?

You’re not alone.

On top of the pressure of producing video content consistently…

Your video must be enough to grab the audience’s attention… or you lose them within 5 seconds.

Your ads are run by complex Google algorithms… which needs time and effort to understand.

If you don’t get your ads ‘right’… you’ll burn money through trial and error.

And while YouTube ads can be learned on your own…

You can generate potentially 2x, 5x, 11x your profits with proper guidance and a proven-and-tested system to use.

Use the A.I.M. method and skip the guesswork of running profitable YouTube Ads

Want to master the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of YouTube advertising?

Look no further than the platform’s algorithm.

Because once you understand how YouTube serves the most relevant, personalized videos to their users, you’ll have one of the most powerful marketing tools for advertising at your fingertips.

This is why in this course you’ll get an insider’s look at the A.I.M. method or Algorithm Insider Method.

No need to have adept technology skills, video expertise, or film degree.

No need to risk your money on campaigns that don’t work.

This is a simple, straightforward process that’ll help you build ad campaigns from scratch — from video creation to ads set up to monitoring and polishing for more sales.

After taking this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • 4 essential elements of video ads your prospects can’t skip
  • How winning video ads work. Steal the secrets behind well-performing ads and make their elements yours.
  • Little-known hacks and tools only good YouTube Ads strategists know.
  • When to stop monetizing a YouTube channel for maximum growth
  • Research tools that’ll help you never run out of YouTube targeting ideas ever again.
  • The BEST ad campaign you could ever do — this could potentially lead to 161% conversions.
  • The single ad campaign you can run for life and still see floods of sales knocking your doors.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re an aspiring YouTube ads strategist wanting to offer services to clients with confidence
  • You’re a digital marketer adding YouTube ads strategies in your skillset and offer to clients
  • You’re a YouTuber looking to use ads to gather more subscribers and viewers
  • You’re a business owner trying to leverage YouTube to increase your brand awareness and sales

Grab new prospects & buyers through the power of videos...

Michael & Dennis, your Skilz Masters for this course, have generated over USD 160,000 dollars in revenue and up to 11x returns for their clients.

If you’d like to know their secrets — to run profitable campaigns without risking lots of cash…

…then you’ll discover their simple yet powerful strategies in this course.

Now you can run campaigns on your own…

Test things out and formulate a strategy from scratch…

Or you can discover a step-by-step process on how to run YouTube Ads that compel people to buy, with worksheets and tools you can use right away.

Your study journey

Why Listen To Us?

YouTube Ads Introduction

The What and The Why of YouTube Advertising

Priming Yourself for YouTube Advertising

Pitfalls to Avoid

Understanding Ad Formats (Discovery vs In-Stream)

Lesson 1 Research

Lesson 1.1 YouTube Research Tools for the Wiseguys

Lesson 1.2 Keyword Research That You Can Bet Your Ad Money On

Lesson 1.3 Getting To Know Your Target For An Accurate Hit

Lesson 1.4 Building Your Custom Audiences(Telling Google Who Your Targets Are)

Lesson 2 Account Set up

Lesson 2.1 Setting Your Base of Operation – Google Ads Platform

Lesson 2.2 Setting Up Your Channel To Run Ads

Lesson 2.3 Consolidate your Assets (Linking Your Ads Account )

Lesson 2.4 Simple and Clean Conversion Tags Setup

Lesson 2.5 Setting up Remarketing & Similar Audiences

Lesson 3 Campaign Setup

Lesson 3.1 Campaign Testing Order (placements, keywords, remarketing, audiences)

Lesson 3.2 Mapping Out Your Custom Campaign Strategy

Lesson 3.3 Setting Up Placements Campaign

Lesson 3.4 Setting Up Keywords Only Campaign

Lesson 3.5 Setting Up Audience Only Campaign

Lesson 3.6 Setting Up Keywords + Custom Audiences Campaign

Lesson 3.7 Setting Up Topics + Audience Campaign

Lesson 3.8 Setting Up Remarketing Campaign

Lesson 3.9 Setting Up Discovery Ads

Lesson 4 AIM Roadmap

Lesson 4.1 Algorithm Insider Method

Lesson 5 Optimization & Scaling

Lesson 5.1 Analyzing Your Campaign Data (view rate 15-25%) CTR >1.25%

Lesson 5.2 Vertical & Horizontal Scaling

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the nitty-gritty behind attention-grabbing, audience-focused and profitable YouTube ads through this course. Grab a proven-and-tested system you can easily follow and use to run winning campaigns.

No need to have adept technology or video skills. Our Skilz masters will guide you throughout the process and all you need is to click, execute, and observe.

Yes. A.I.M. Method simplifies how to run YouTube Ad campaigns. It’s for people who don’t have prior background in running ads.

Yes. A certificate will be sent directly to your email once you complete the course.

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