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YouTube Top Search System: Organically Rank Your Videos on YouTube Top Searches

Rank at the top of YouTube’s search results without spending on ads.

Get organic viewers, subscribers and traffic to your YouTube channel


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Get the chance to be discovered and recommended by YouTube in front of your target audience for FREE

Imagine getting in front of your target audience, increasing your video views and channel subscribers without spending a dime on ads.

Now with over 5 million videos being watched on YouTube every single day, it’s normal to worry about how your videos can stand out and reach your target audience.

And while most YouTube content creators wear themselves out creating and posting videos for the world to see…

A lot of them end up with little to no views even after months of posting.

Yet there are those who post videos on YouTube who instantly reach their target audience’s top search results…

Which also resulted in higher number of views and increased number of channel subscribers.

How’s that possible?

Let YouTube SEO work in your favor using the YouTube Top Search Method.

Inside this course, you’ll discover a proven strategy to break through the noise of millions of YouTube content creators…

And get in front of your target audience with your optimized video content.


Your study journey

Lesson 1.1 Course Introduction and Overview

Lesson 1.2 Having the Right Attitude to Succeed with YouTube

Lesson 1.3 Is this Course For You?

Lesson 1.4 Understanding the Value of YouTube Video Ranking

Lesson 2.1 Begin with the End in Mind

Lesson 2.2 Assessing Your Channel

Lesson 2.3 Achieve the Right Mindset

Lesson 2.4 Choosing your Niche

Lesson 2.5 Choosing your Ideal Viewers

Lesson 2.6 Finding your Content Focus

Lesson 3.1 Introduction to Research Tools

Lesson 3.2 Finding Searchable Video Ideas

Lesson 3.3 Stalking Your Competition

Lesson 4.1 Keyword Search the Right Way

Lesson 4.2 Crafting Clickable and Ranking Video Titles

Lesson 4.3 Nailing Optimized Tags

Lesson 4.4 Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Lesson 4.4.1 Canva Tutorial

Lesson 4.4.2 Photoshop Tutorial

Lesson 4.5 Composing Keyword Focused Descriptions

Lesson 4.6 Playlist Boosts Views and Watch Time

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